White House on Ammo Ban: “Everyone Should Agree”

Unable to get gun bans through Congress, the White House is attempting yet another regulatory end-run around the legislative process by banning ammo through the ATF. It’s okay, White House press secretary Josh Earnest tells us, because “everyone should agree.”

Mall of America: Gun Rights vs Property Rights

A gun rights organization has joined a Minnesota state legislator in highlighting an unlawful attempt by the Mall of America to ban guns on their premises. State law bars landlords from prohibiting lawful carry in private spaces – like residences or business – and in the common areas providing access to such spaces. But is it appropriate for property owners to be denied their right to set the terms of their leases?

Missouri Bill Would Ban Plastic Bag Bans (Not a Typo)

A state legislator in Missouri seeks to prohibit cities from banning plastic bags in grocery stores. One city councilman from a town seeking to impose such a ban says the proposed ban on bans encroaches upon local control. Who’s right? Does local control mean the freedom to limit the freedoms of others?

Bottomless Public Priorities

University of Minnesota President Eric Kaler approached a legislative committee hat-in-hand Wednesday asking for $65.2 million to pay for a two-year tuition freeze. He said providing affordable tuition is a priority, but didn’t seem to understand what the word “priority” means.

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