Breaking Free from Politics-As-Usual

After voters and activists handed them a historic mid-term election victory, Republicans immediately reneged on their campaign promises and rushed to the cozy middle – again – as they always do. There’s only one way to break from this cycle of abuse.

Why I’m supporting David Gerson for Congress.

Are Drone Attacks Immoral?

Fresh on the heels of controversy surrounding “American Sniper” Chris Kyle, an upcoming film echoes the “coward” narrative of Michael Moore. This time, the target of criticism is drone pilots.

Article: “Just War Theory” vs. American Self-Defense

Obama’s Abortion Hypocrisy

Responding to a bill passed by Republicans in the House to ban federal funding for abortions, President Obama said Row v. Wade “reaffirms a fundamental American value: that government should not intrude in our most private and personal family matters.” Right… like healthcare, education, diet, parenting, employment, finance, etc.

21st Century Fourth Amendment Protection

Why do Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk and Judiciary Committee Chairman Ron Latz stand in opposition to extending Fourth Amendment protections to electronic communications and data? Do they support, through their obstruction, the unreasonable search and seizure of your private information?

Sign the petition demanding that Senator Latz allow S.F. 32 to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Contact your state senator, along with Senators Tom Bakk and Ron Latz, with your expectation that this legislation be considered and voted upon.

Libertarians for a Regulated Market

We tend to think of regulation as a government action, and our political discourse reflects that. Free market are “unregulated,” bringing to mind wanton chaos and a condition of anarchy. But what if we all have it wrong? What if, to be truly regulated, a market must be free?

Would Voters Let School Children Suffer Without Heat?

Legislators from both sides of the aisle want to give school districts the ability to tax without voter approval. They say it’s needed to address critical maintenance issues. Really? Are voters going to let kids freeze without heat in the winter?

Vigorously contending for individual rights.