21st Century Fourth Amendment Protection

Why do Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Tom Bakk and Judiciary Committee Chairman Ron Latz stand in opposition to extending Fourth Amendment protections to electronic communications and data? Do they support, through their obstruction, the unreasonable search and seizure of your private information?

Sign the petition demanding that Senator Latz allow S.F. 32 to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Contact your state senator, along with Senators Tom Bakk and Ron Latz, with your expectation that this legislation be considered and voted upon.

Regarding Black Lives Matter Minneapolis

Yesterday afternoon, I was a guest on the Holding Court Podcast with Ron Rosenbaum and Lucy Quinlivan. The topic was trespass, particularly in the context of the recent unlawful protest at the Mall of America organized by Black Lives Matter Minneapolis. Ron and I engaged in a vigorous debate over whether trespass properly ought to be considered violence. By discussion’s end, we agreed that trespass is a violation of individual rights, and thus properly regarded as a criminal act. We parted on whether that meant trespass should be regarded as “peaceful protest.”

The show was monitored by participants and organizers of the MOA protest, who have since been forwarding the ludicrous claim on social media that I called for the execution (“death penalty”) of trespassing BLM protestors. No such thing was even remotely suggested. A complete consideration of the interview makes clear that I was referencing – and Ron understood – the escalation along the use of force continuum which occurs anytime criminals resist the police. My point was that any criminal act (any violation of rights) has the potential to escalate to the rightful use of lethal force. Indeed, it’s that very fact which ought to prompt us to take a sober look at any given law and ask ourselves whether its enforcement is potentially worth taking a life. That’s something the BLM movement should happily agree with.
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When Does a Compromise on Tea Party Values Become a ‘Betrayal’?

“Tom Emmer betrays conservatives on day one.”

That was the subject line of an email sent out Wednesday by the Minnesota Tea Party Alliance in reference to the freshman congressman from the state’s Sixth District. Emmer this week filled the seat previously held by Michele Bachmann.

[Voters] put a man in office with the expectation that he would fight for smaller government and more liberty. However, in his first real test vote as a conservative, Tom Emmer voted wrong and against the wishes of his conservative base by voting for John Boehner as Speaker.

Similar condemnations and recriminations crisscrossed social media like missiles exchanged in a nuclear apocalypse. The ruckus was not contained to Minnesota. Representative Mick Mulvaney (R-SC) was compelled to issue a statement rebuking detractors of his vote for Boehner.

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