Who Needs Congress When You Have an Imperial Presidency?

Democrats hold a unique responsibility to speak out now against President Barack Obama’s planned unilateral action on immigration. No policy matters more than whether or not the President of the United States may circumvent Congress, and by extension the will of the American people. Do we have a president, or an emperor? If this action goes unanswered, the republic will have utterly failed.


The Un-Christian Vendetta of Marriage Activists

Some traditional marriage supporters and the Minnesota Family Council have lodged their objection to Congressman-elect Tom Emmer’s selection of outgoing state representative David Fitzsimmons as chief of staff. Fitzsimmons was one of four Republicans in the house who voted for gay marriage in 2013. Despite the fact that he was successfully drummed out of office, he must be destroyed personally to satisfy a futile vendetta. We explore the absurdity.


Republicans Not Unscathed by Gruber Story

An inconvenient truth, which seems to have gone largely unnoticed in the coverage of Jonathan Gruber’s provocative comments regarding “the stupidity of the American voter” and Obamacare, is that Gruber had his fingerprints all over another deceptively crafted socialist health care program – Romneycare.

Minneapolis Schools Now Racially Segregate Discipline

In a prima facie violation of the equal protection clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, the Minneapolis School Board has decided to begin segregating their students into two different categories – white, and everyone else. If teachers and administrators want to suspend a white student, there will be no questions asked. But if they dare attempt to suspend a “student of color,” the act will be reviewed by the school district superintendent and “her leadership team.” BringMeTheNews reports:

The move comes after Minneapolis’ suspension policies have been under increased scrutiny from civil rights officials inside the U.S Department of Education and also follows a moratorium on suspensions of pre-kindergartners, kindergarteners and first graders that Johnson says has reduced suspensions by 50 percent.
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The Berlin Wall Still Stands

Sunday marked the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. While nothing can diminish the gravity of that moment, both in terms of its symbolism and its herald of the Soviet Union’s eventual collapse, we miss a vital lesson if we end our consideration at that time and place.

It’s easy to compartmentalize history, to think of events in other times and places as wholly detached from our day-to-day existence. However, to put a different spin on the old phrase, those who forget history don’t flinch as its repeated. In many ways which matter, figuratively and to lesser degrees, the Berlin Wall still stands.
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