Were NY Cop Killings Incited by #BlackLivesMatter Protests?

Protest organizers have been quite to distance themselves from the killing of two New York police officers over the weekend, claiming that the #BlackLivesMatter movement is nonviolent and peaceful. While there certainly may be some among the movement committed to nonviolent expression, the tolerance and even endorsement of rights-violating protest has invited an escalation of violence.

Why Is Politics So Divisive?

Outgoing Democrat Speaker of the Minnesota House Paul Thissen recently accused the incoming Republican majority of dividing Minnesotans with a focus on perceived disparities between Greater Minnesota and the Twin Cities metro. When are we going to get a speech from Thissen condemning his party’s divisive rhetoric on class and race? Why politics will always be divisive, for better and for worse.

Bachmann Hints at 2016 Presidential Bid

Outgoing Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) dropped a subtle hint in a recent Associated Press interview that she may be considering a 2016 presidential run. The piece highlights Bachmann’s high-profile career bucking the political establishment, even within her own party. Published in the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the report reads:

As she wrapped up her congressional business this past week, Bachmann said she is determined to play a role in the next presidential election. The possibility of Democrats nominating Hillary Rodham Clinton will make the voices of Republican women more important than ever, she said.

“I occupy a very unique space,” she said. “I am the only woman who has been in presidential debates on the Republican ticket.”

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Any Law Could Kill

Following up on an interview with Craig Westover on Monday’s program, where he called upon the GOP to take a definitive stand on the #BlackLivesMatter protests erupting across the nation, we consider what such a stand might look like, informed by a law professor’s op-ed.

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